Discountdown, Inverted art auction (performance), Peim van der Sloot, 2017

Peim van der Sloot, graphic and visual arts

Working in the lively niches in between visual arts, design and performance Peim van der Sloot reacts to contemporary issues in an often abstract but critical way. Through a range of graphic techniques including sticker-collages and silkscreen he developed an instant recognisable style. The final economical value of his works play an important role in the concept and the making process. He questions the assumptions on which our economy is based on, but also his artistic practice, constantly challenging both.

Intergalactic Guerilla Radio Station, Peim van der Sloot, Sticker collage on paper, 2017

Sold, Peim van der Sloot, Sticker collage on paper, 2017

Lorena van Bunningen, fine arts / photography

Lorena van Bunningen’s (Quito, 1990) work is created by looking at our everyday environment, focussing speci cally on the way we deal with the material world around us. Daily life consists of countless rituals, of which many objects are a part of, outside of our awareness. Lorena van Bunningen’s work explores the different layers of time, and shows her fascination with that which lives within the unconsciousness.

Balance of Two (2), Lorena van Bunningen, 2016

Swimming Pool, Lorena van Bunningen, 2013-2014

Attempts to sculpt a movement (1-3), Lorena van Bunningen, 2017

Attempts to sculpt a movement (1-3), Lorena van Bunningen, 2017

Iron, Patrick van Vliet, 2017

Couch Girl (detail), Patrick van Vliet, 2016

Golden Rain, Patrick van Vliet, 2016

Patrick van Vliet, fine arts

Patrick van Vliet (1981) studied Urban Planning at the University of Utrecht. After university, his work as an urban planner gradually shifted to a more creative approach of urban redevelopment and social geography. Through his photos, paintings and drawings, he explores the Dutch scenery & it’s inhabitants. To Patrick, a more abstract approach by using art seems a logic tool to communicate ideas on these spatial & social issues.

DEGANN, fine arts

DEGANN's paintings and watercolours are vivid and aesthetically liable images that sometimes disguise an atrabilious element. With mental vulnerability and transience as central themes within the work. "I don’t work towards mimesis but towards a possible temporary essence of the portrayed, which is often introspective and removed. The transparency of the layers of paint creates discolorations on the surface. These aqueous spots that deform the shape of the heads approach that what is inside, the intimacy of the sitter’s spirit"

1, DEGANN, 2015

3, DEGANN, 2016

Tuesday 2/7 (detail), DEGANN, 2018

Artefact, Janne van Gilst, 2017

Vlakexperimenten, Janne van Gilst, 2015

Monuments of Humanity, Janne van Gilst, 2017

Janne van Gilst, photography

With her photographs Janne van Gilst captures the information our landscapes contain, reflecting on a cultural zeitgeist of how we shape and experience our surroundings. Wanting to create a certain awareness of the impact it has on the wellbeing of nature, our climate and ourselves. Both process as final works contain a high sense of science-like research by dissecting the landscape. Van Gilst’s, driven by artistic experiment, uses different photographic languages but always convey a certain sense of soberness in which only the important elements are accentuated.

Shadow variations, Gerardo Gomez Tonda, 2017

Bosh, Gerardo Gomez Tonda, 2017

Gerardo Gomez Tonda, graphic and visual arts

Gerardo dreams with making visual poetic systems that can break open new perspectives into the world. One big recurring theme for him is the anthropocene, and what the agency of humans means in the planet, now days. Since 2000, he has been actively showing his work internationally in exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Japan, Turkey, and the Netherlands. In 2013 he opened a studio practice in The Hague called ‘t-Attelier, graphic art studio, where he currently works on his projects, illustrations, and tattoos.


Handkerchief, Gerardo Gomez Tonda, 2017