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Janne van Gilst

While growing up on the island of Noord-Beveland in Zeeland, photographer Janne van Gilst developed an awareness of the landscapes she was surrounded by. She has been photographing her changing environment since studying Documentary Photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. 
She reflects on the cultural zeitgeist and its relationships to the ways we shape and experience our surroundings. She has previously worked on projects about local folk tales, agricultural traditions and the human urge to control and restrain the landscape. Her work is frequently published and exhibited, both nationally and internationally.




This Art Fair 2016

How to translate the practice of Janne van Gilst towards the temporary white walls of an art fair. In 2016 Meraki Agency in collaboration with Janne van Gilst participated at This Art Fair in Amsterdam. Searching for the right balance between commercial and concept, finished work and experiment.



  1. Monuments of Humanity, Janne van Gilst, 2017

  2. Artefact, Janne van Gilst, 2017

  3. Meraki Agency in collaboration with Janne van Gilst at This Art Fair, Amsterdam, 2016.

  4. Publication (front) for This Art Fair 2016

  5. Publication (back) for This Art Fair 2016