Lorena van Bunningen

Lorena van Bunningen’s (Quito, 1990) work is created by looking at our everyday environment, focussing speci cally on the way we deal with the material world around us. Daily life consists of countless rituals, of which many objects are a part of, outside of our awareness. Lorena van Bunningen’s work explores the different layers of time, and shows her fascination with that which lives within the unconsciousness.




The publication Movements by Lorena van Bunningen is a documentation of a series of fragments from a long process in which different compositions, made with the same elements, play the leading role. The search was not about the result, but about the movement that takes place in creating, ‘being ongoing’.

Movements by Lorena van Bunningen at the bookshop

This publication is published as part of the INDEX program edition 2018/2019



  1. Swimming Pool, Lorena van Bunningen, 2013-2014

  2. Attempts to sculpt a movement (1-3), Lorena van Bunningen, 2017

  3. Flip through, Movements, Lorena van Bunningen

  4. press photo Movements, Lorena van Bunningen, photo by Meraki Agency

  5. book presentation at de BOUWPUT, Amsterdam