Marilou Klapwijk

As an artist, Marilou Klapwijk (Rijswijk, 1990) makes and collects images and text about everyday events. Driven by her empathy, it mainly affects the contradictions. Her work is a way to put things into perspective, also an attempt to make experiences universal. Winning a second price is a disappointment and achievement at the same time, that's what we all find out once.

Marilou studied Visualization and Fine Arts in Rotterdam. During her first study she founded the artists' initiative 'A Happy Family' that connected artists with different disciplines in numerous projects and exhibitions. She worked for various art organizations and platforms, illustrates on commission and works as an artist's assistant. She does not adhere to an unambiguous practice, but sees herself as an independent artist free to create, and to philosophize about, what seems important to her at that moment.



Sweetness and other life-threatening situations
Solo-Exhibition, 2017

The exhibition could be seen as a life-size book based on the series of illustrations ‘Sweetness & Other Life-Threatening Situations’ and was supplemented with videos, animations, objects, writings and photographs.



  1. Sandfall prototype 1, Marilou Klapwijk, 2018

  2. Swimmingpool, Marilou Klapwijk