Peim van der Sloot

Working in the lively niches in between visual arts, design and performance Peim van der Sloot reacts to contemporary issues in an often abstract but critical way. Through a range of graphic techniques including sticker-collages and silkscreen he developed an instant recognisable style. The final economical value of his works play an important role in the concept and the making process. He questions the assumptions on which our economy is based on, but also his artistic practice, constantly challenging both.




For this book, Peim van der Sloot has developed 99 new propositions to re-define the value of the work and the position of the artist in this old fashioned system. 

He encourages artists and arts organizations to attempt to create alternative micro-economies. These propositions are about art not as an input for productivity, or luxury made possible by economic growth, but rather as a new way to set the terms on which exchange in the economy takes place.The light-hearted and humorous propositions are up for different interpretations or combinations, but always carry a serious undertone, that stake out a new, more useful position for art in society. 

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This publication is published as part of the INDEX program edition 2018/2019



  1. Discountdown, Inverted art auction (performance), Peim van der Sloot, 2017

  2. Intergalactic Guerilla Radio Station, Peim van der Sloot, Sticker collage on paper, 2017

  3. Sold, Peim van der Sloot, Sticker collage on paper, 2017

  4. 99, Peim van der Sloot, published by Meraki Agency, 2019